Monday, November 27, 2017

A Week Elsewhere

New York was fun. Pleasant, at times. Monday we went to Times Square to get tickets and see the view from the 8th floor of the Marriott Hotel. We also ate the most wonderful churros.

Tuesday we went to the Museum and saw some stuff. It wasn't as cool as the first few times. The exhibit on the senses was okay. The butterflies were fun, although they reminded me of the upcoming quiz on leps for Bio of Terrestrial Arthropods. Then we had churros again. And... I think we watched Spiderman: Homecoming? Or maybe that was Monday. Or Wednesday.

Wednesday we watched Dear Evan Hanson. I didn't get as into it as I anticipated, but it was good. The lead was played by someone other than the original lead, who is apparently said to be better than him. I can confirm that the lead from the show was a better actor than the lead from the official soundtrack. Then we went back, eating some delicious waffles (I got a s'mores waffle).

Thursday was Thanksgiving! We watched Coco, which was a really good movie. I liked it a lot. Then we ate a big dinner, filled with mashed potatoes and bacon. I ate so much mashed potatoes, and so much bacon. We might have done other stuff, but if we did I've forgotten.

Friday we went to the Met. Looked at art. I had fun. Impressionist paintings still get me every time. How do they DO that with the water? There was also a freaky deer covered with glass orbs. After eating at Shake Shack we had drinks at the Vue, taking a neat timelapse of the revolving city.

Saturday we drove back. Ate breakfast at the Cosme. Watched Summer Wars, which was fun.

Sunday was yesterday. We went to the "best aquarium in New England," which was nice. We ate dinner in Morse, and I discovered the ice cream section. Then we watched 9 and said goodbye.

Three weeks remaining. What else happened this week? I talked a lot of film review stuff with my mom. Theming and characters and such. I got to the 3-warp stage in Flow, and noped my way out. I'll get to it soon, probably. I also made this:

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Together again with my family

Yeah, we met up in New York. It's not home, but it's okay. Today we ate at Eataly and went to the MoMath. Well, actually just the MoMath gift shop, but it still counts. We watched all of Over The Garden Wall and all of Your Name. Very good. Quality series and film. I'm really tired though. And I want to go home. I've been trying to connect with friends again. It's not really working. I guess I need more sleep. Bye.

P.S. I started a OneSecondEveryDay thing today. We'll see how it goes.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Day Before Yesterday, Tuesday the Seventh

Today it is tomorrow, at 1:10 AM. I have done all of my Math 230 P-set except for question 2B. I have also just read a Gasterpost. These two factors, and also checking my email, are what made it 1:12 AM. The past few days have been something. I think I've gone to bed after midnight starting Friday, and going on. Still no all-nighters, though, which I consider a success.

The day before yesterday, Tuesday the Seventh, I learned from Pat that the fibonaccish thing I did wasn't special. Which, I mean, I had already known, but like still it's nice to have confirmation. Also fun fact it's actually much nicer and more intuitive with matrices rather than generating functions. Also, moments from today/yesterday: E X T E N D   T H E   C U B E !  That is all.

Today, by which I mean yesterday, the 8th, I had 20 minutes of free time. I used it to watch a Yogscast video. I had four hours of bio lab and three hours of choir, along with working and studying. I feel very productive.

The day before yesterday, Tuesday the Seventh, I finished A Voyage To Arcturus. And I think I got it. Like, understood what had been happening the whole time. I feel accomplished. Hint: it's about two worlds and two beings, and the sensations of pleasure and pain. It's also about spirits and ghosts.

Today, by which I mean yesterday, the 8th, my earbuds broke. One of the speakers doesn't work anymore. It's actually the wire that's awry, but still. I noticed while pinning insects that my right ear had stopped hearing music, and quickly attributed that to the earbuds. The sound came on again intermittently as I worked. When I left (at 5:30), Stay Alive by José Gonzáles was playing. It was a fitting song for dying, I thought. I let the earbuds keep playing until the end of the song. At the fery last swell, "dawn is coming, open your eyes," the right speaker came back to life. For one last hurrah, it sang to the end of that line. When the song got quiet again, it dropped out. It will likely never play again. I kept the earbuds in my ears, playing nothing, as I walked back to my dorm. When I took them out, I felt it. Which is a strange thing to say, but it's true.

There are many things I have yet to do. One of them is sleep. Good night.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

f(2) spooky f(4) me, f strictly increasing

3 spooky TREE(4) me. That's the most increasing function I can think of. And I think it's the most increasing function anyone has ever thought of, ever. Okay, some procrastinating later and I found that it isn't the MOST increasing. These are. Fastest function that really means something, though.

Anyways, that diversion is over now. I'm here about Halloween. I went as Slash, lead guitarist for Guns 'n' Roses. Well, actually, I went as Slish, lead ukuleleist for Slingshots 'n' Peonies, but that's neither here nor there. Because it's in another universe. Anyways.

I spent like a few hours over the last month preparing a short routine, but I didn't get to use it. Also I completely forgot that we were meant to wear our costumes to choir yesterday. Also I didn't take any pictures. Such is life.

Still, as I was eating dinner, two people sitting across from me complemented me on my costume. One of them asked if my hair was my real hair or if it was a wig. I consider that a win. Almost worth it. Maybe worth it. Let's go with "worth it," for now.

Apparently I missed that at Yale, most festivities take place either during Halloweekend (the weekend before Halloween) or right now, at 11:00 on Halloween, in Woolsey Hall, for the Yale Symphony Orchestra Halloween Show. Whoops. I'll do better next time.

All in all, it was a very freshman Halloween.

Friday, October 13, 2017


Pronounced Oh-LEE-ka. Relevant links.

So, how have these past few weeks been? I've got to write it down somewhere, or else I'll forget. I have a five page paper due tomorrow at 5:00, but within a few weeks, I'll almost certainly be one of only three people who remember it (my mom, Mr. Rogers, and I). Even then, the three of us will probably collectively forget about it in a few years, and we'll all get on with our lives just fine. Freshman year, a seminar class in literature, I'm aiming to major in math or physics. I'm still gonna try though. Because inspirational quotes and yadda yadda.

That's very recent though. So recent that it hasn't happened yet. So, what's been going on recently? Well. It's Friday the 13th, the most spooky night of the year. Except for halloween, obviously. I got a 94% on my Math 230 midterm, and an 82% on my Bio 250 midterm. Seminar is going well, A- on the first essay. Maybe a bit less than that on the second. We'll see.

Pat is fun. As are my Math 230 friends. I should be more proactive about learning names. I still don't know most people's names in my bio lab, which has only 12 people. Math 230 is fun though. Starting to work on some videos. We'll see how it goes. Possible motivation: even after years go by, I'll definitely remember the first video I made on my own.

Biology is cool; I'm learning a lot about arthropods and getting lots of ideas for spec bio stuff. Marta, my bio teacher, helped discover three subspecies of lacewings which were previously thought to be one species. Also, there exist flies and moths that avoid spidery death by bluffing their way into being a spider and scaring "other" spiders off. Literally everything about this tiny world, OMG.

There is nothing to do a lot of the time. Well, that statement is blatantly false. But I never think of things to do. I'm cold turkey again on reading new webcomics, but that's not really going to help. Well, it might. I'm waking up in 9 hours, Flux has informed me. That might give me enough time to write an essay. Maybe. It won't. Where was I? Right. It's so terribly easy to not do stuff. Not doing stuff is what happens a lot of the time. To me.

But, I've also been doing stuff. I can't forget that. Well, I can and I will, but that's not the point. The point is I've done math and hung out with friends and played werewolf. Well, it seems kinda lame when I say it like that. Ah, well. Say levee (if you'll pardon my French).

Hm. I should go to bed. But I should also write an essay. Hmm. I'll probably do something else entirely. ¡Arrivadiós!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017




I'm back!

P.S.: The app won't let me do spaces in the title. It crashes on the second space. It's cool, though.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

So the novelty of it has kinda worn off.

Here I am at the Yale university. It's been, what? Two weeks? Is that all? Huh. Things have been good, generally. I don't like the sky very much. It's basically gray, and sometimes there aren't any shadows. The food is really nice, though. Silliman has the best pancakes, but don't tell them I said that.

I've got lots of things to do. I'm realizing that now. Not schoolwork; that bit's fine. Gotta buy a book, read it, make a comment. Do a few math problems. I'm in the Glee club, and the Yale Anime Society, and the MUFASA, which is like a sci-fi/fantasy club. I've also got a group of friends in the Calico Cat Study Field, or CCSF. So, I guess I've got a lot to do. Still, I find myself with too much free time.

I have other things to do as well. We've got a gym, so I may as well work out. Got some books to read. Two half-finished posts in my blog about books, one on this blog. The Phi thing has stalled, but I think it can start up again. May be easier to do a Pascal's Triangle video first. I'll try.

I found a couple new channels today. Well, one of them was recommended to me by a classmate. It's called AntsCanada, and it's about terrariums full of ants. It's so great. The other is called TierZoo, and is about biology, played as if life itself was an MMORPG, with players being able to choose from different animals and builds. It's so cool. Check them both out.

That's... it, I guess? That's all I wanted to talk about this time. I suppose eventually I'll write some words about the job I had all summer. But, like, later.